SERVPRO of Chula Vista Employee Photos

Martin Sr. Aguilera

Martin Sr. started this company out of his garage. What started as a way to provide for his family, turned into way to take care of many families. Although Martin did not grow up with many means, through hard work and dedication, he was able to do what he loves, inspire his children, and establish a company that serves the community. In his spare time, Martin Sr. likes to play golf, travel, and spend time with his kids. 

Ana Maria Aguilera

Ana is the heart of the company. Through providing love and support during challenging times, and inspiration during times of triumph, she is the reason why the company is what it is today. Inspired to bring business to the company, Ana Maria created relationships and lifelong connections to ultimately move the company forward. Ana Maria continues to work hard to keep the company afloat and in her spare time she likes to tend to her garden and spend time with her family. 

Martin Jr. Aguilera

Martin Jr. helped get the company off the ground by supporting his family in the early stages of the business. He has worked hard to learn how to manage each job as the Chief of Operations. In his spare time, Martin Jr. likes to salsa and watch the LA Clippers.

Albert Aguilera

With a passion for entrepreneurship and finance, Albert first joined the company marketing in 2011. After gaining more experience, he was able to  step up and now manage the finances for the company. As a millennial, Albert loves to innovate and further serve the community. For fun, Albert likes to travel and play the guitar.